Holiday Home for Cats in Surrey | Cat Boarding Benefits

When you get a cat, you take on a responsibility to care for it always, but occasionally this may mean finding someone else to take over when you go away. As much as we would all love to take our beloved pets on vacation with us, it isn’t always feasible and that’s where a holiday home for cats comes in. Catteries, such as our family-run cattery in Surrey, make it easier to leave your feline friend behind, knowing they are safely being looked after in a secure cat boarding facility.

In case you need a little convincing a cattery is right for your pet, we’ve listed the top ten benefits for using a holiday home for cats below. Should you have any questions about catteries or our family-run cattery in Surrey, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.

Top 10 Benefits of Using Catteries

1. Companionship – Although cats are known for their independent natures, they do still love companionship. Rather than leaving your cat on its own for too long, consider using a cat boarding facility where you pet will get full attention and care.

2. Plenty of space – A holiday home for cats is designed to accommodate your pets comfortably, providing spacious pens to give your cats plenty of room to move freely. At Kingswood Cattery in Surrey, we have newly built, spacious facilities.

3. Hygienic – Reputable catteries will ensure pens are cleaned regularly and that all areas are kept habitable and hygienic at all times. For example, at our family-run cattery we clean pens on a daily basis and provide sanitised playthings.

4. Safe and secure – It is understandable that leaving your precious pet with someone else can be stressful, but by choosing licensed catteries you can have peace of mind that your cat will be looked after in a safe and secure place.

5. Professional care –
An excellent benefit to cat boarding is the professional care your cat will receive from experience staff. Catteries are often run by pet lovers for pet lovers, giving your cat the care and attention you would want.

6. 24-Hour supervision – Worried about your cat being left and ignored? Any reputable holiday home for cats will supply ample supervision. For example, at Kingswood Cattery in Surrey we have 24-hour monitoring on our pet guests.

7. Home comforts – Catteries such as ours have cosy accommodation, with fully equipped pens to ensure your pet feels warm, comfortable and relaxed in their temporary home. Toys and bedding are provided for added comfort.

8. Stimulation – Your pet will be kept entertained with toys to ensure they are kept stimulated and happy whilst you are away. At our cattery, playthings are kept sanitised to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

9. Veterinary on-hand – At some cat boarding facilities, such as our own in Surrey, local veterinary practices will be on stand-by nearby so that your cat always has access to prompt medical attention should problems occur.

10. Flexibility – One of the key advantages for using a cattery is that they are incredibly flexible and convenient. At our facilities, we have flexible drop-off times so you can get going on your trip with plenty of time.

Our Family-Run Cattery

Decided catteries are for you? At Kingswood Cattery in Surrey, our cat boarding facilities are the perfect place to have your pet cared for when you are away. An established family-run cattery for many years, we are licensed by Reigate and Banstead Borough Council, as well as registered with the local veterinary. Our newly built pens provide comfortable accommodation for your pets and combined with 24-hour monitoring and high-quality care, our cattery is truly a holiday home for cats you rely on.

To find out more about our holiday home for cats, call Kingswood Cattery today on 01737212297 or 07956917916. We provide safe and comfortable cat boarding in Surrey.

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